Independence Day picnic

I got around to getting the vehicle out of the car and put together the front wheels. Now that I can see it in good light, the paint job is pretty dinged up — I'm not too happy that it chips as easily as it does. Anyway, I got to let some friends of mine try it out and they really liked it.

I think I damaged the back wheel when I was on the back end while Jan and Todd were trying to drive, but we kept going. Jan and I finally broke it in when Jan spied dog poop in my yard — and I don't even have a dog. Oh, but anyway, the cheaper-forked back wheel slipped out of the fork halfway, bending both the axle and the fork irrepairably.

Nothing like spotting poop in your yard to get you to slip the nut off the side of the fork and bend it to uselessness.


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