Paleocord v1.15 Testing Results

I finally got and tested a few Paleocord 1 boards from OSHPark and found a couple minor problems. For reference, the source files are still available—v1.15, 2016-Nov-7.

The good news is I tested all the connectivity and it is correct. The bad news is the labeling is wrong. There was no pin #7 on the main RJ45 jacks, and I had reversed all the wire color-codes: all the solid-color wires should have been rings and the white/color stripes tips. I also didn't like how the labeling appeared once it was finally on the silkscreen. And when I was fitting it to an Altoids tin, it was a pretty tight fit since the USB-A connectors stuck out pretty far. I had tested using headphone jacks with threaded barrels, and the nuts for those jacks would actually touch.

So the following are changes for the new release v1.21, 2016-Dec-4:

  • Wire outer pair on RJ25 jack (formerly unconnected; if you use an RJ14 or RJ11 socket or cable, it will still be.)
  • Move USB-A jacks inward 0.075" each.
  • Add a gap between the headphone jacks.
  • Correct color codes so solid-color wires are "rings" and white/color stripes are "tips".
  • Redesign labeling to reference the central RJ45 connectors' pin numbers instead of color-coded pairs.

See the Paleocord 1 main page for updated details and ordering information.

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